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Maria Filippone Colonna - A Mauro Rome 2013

Stefano Colonna, Mauro Rea, Mariella Colonna, Manuela Mazzini Roma 2013 

One day about three years ago I discovered on the internet works by Mauro Rea.

I could not believe my eyes: I was on the threshold of a very earthly paradise born, as if by magic, here and now but also in pre-history of the planet. An earthly paradise without progenitors, populated attendance and monsters that instead of scaring me, have been exercised upon me the fascination of what you imagine and where you can enjoy even if it is perceived through the five senses (or better .. . although the five senses are not enough to be able to feel it!). I paused, I collected in myself before taking a position ... as long as the invisible presence that I had just dimly perceived occurred with more intensity thanks to the colors and strong signals of the works that I was observing When I decided to cross the threshold I did not know that it has entered into the soul of Mauro Rea.
At first I could not understand that my strong emotion and original: I watched an event strictly secular and yet circumscribed space of the "sacred." No reference, no religious symbol, everything suggested and not said, but strictly connected to a global perception of reality and the world.
When, in the catalogs of his many exhibitions, I began to read what friends poets, critics and fans had written my initial Mauro wonder has turned into amazement. That sign that rough rejected any foreign aestheticism and reference to its manifest ... was therefore able to evoke images, fantasies, memories too personal, to push and push until its infancy and that of humanity and the unknown worlds of memory , to inspire intense poems, to throw open universes, to upset observation points ... From this desire to understand and live the fullness of the prehistory and history of an artist's dream was born the idea to put me on a journey and retrace the "journey into the soul" of Rhea, the discovery of the universes of Art, which he performed along with the great masters who have inspired and trained, from the years of his early youth today. Little news "historic", only a few vivid memories of life lived. The artist's work is illustrated by his endless curriculum, the rest of his life is all about looking for alternative worlds and of themselves, friends, love for Manuela, painter and woman, able to live next to it and help you chase achieve incarnate his creative vocation.
Mauro Rea such as wind, earth and fire.
Mauro reactions like fire on the stone.
Mauro Rea like the wind that spreads everywhere the fire.
A creative fire that does not end in itself but is able to evoke ancestral magic to drag ... very far, to embrace those who met without consuming them or hurt them, to profoundly change the world in which it operates without rape, but leaving (paradox of Art) identical to that which is why this artist loves the world. Loves him passionately and without half-measures and it is fully reciprocated, as in all true love stories

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